Kaitlyn Smith

Hair and Makeup

Kaitlyn SmithDebi and Company Athletes Get Special Rates for Competition Hair and Makeup

$200-Hair and Makeup normally
$150-Hair and Makeup - Debi and Company Athlete
**Prices subject to change depending on length and thickness of hair.

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Debi and Company VIP Services

As a VIP Debi & Company athlete, you will be entitled to discounts from my close affiliates.



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Human Fitness Gear

Human Fitness Gear

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She Hulk Leggings   She Hulk Leggings

Debi wearing Human Fitness Gear - She Hulk Leggings

Human Evolution Supplements

Debi and Company Team Joins Human Evolution Supplements Team

Human Evolution Supplements

I have joined HUMAN EVOLUTION SUPPLEMENTS team and personally use their products.  Now, you can get the same results as I have, by going to www.humanevoshop.com and using promo code: debi10%off.  Debi and Company team will advise you on exactly what you will personally need to get the results you are looking to achieve.  Human Evolution Supplements to deliver you the "BEST RESULTS!!!"

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George Kontaxis


George Kontaxis - headshot

George Kontaxis is an internationally published photographer, recognized for the unique style of his art physique photography and his way of capturing the female and male form.

He has worked with most of the top fitness and bodybuilding athletes and models in the world as well as major celebrities and professional athletes. His work has been feature in covers, editorials and advertising of national and international magazines in the US and Europe. His art photography has also been featured in calendars, art books, exhibits and art galleries.

George is currently based in Los Angeles and travels around the US for photoshoots.

Debi by George Kontaxis

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For more information view George Kontaxis Photography

George can be contacted at kontaxis@hotmail.com for bookings.